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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Download Free Tomb of Safdarjung Delhi HD Wallpapers

Tomb of Safdarjung Tree Lined View

Safdarjung Tomb Photos

Tomb of Safdarjung Delhi HD Wallpapers

Tomb Safdarjung Wallpapers

Safdarjung and the Grave(कब्र) of his Begum

Beautiful Tomb of Safdarjung Wallpaper

The Tomb of Safdarjung is one of Delhi's famous historical buildings. This mausoleum is situated right in front of the western end of Lodhi road on Sri Aurobindo road in south Delhi. Safdarjung's Tomb was built by Nawab Shujadullah in 1754 AD in memory of the powerful and efficient Prime Minister Safdarjung of the last Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah (1719-1748). 

Here is the grave of Safdarjung and his Begum. It is still considered an excellent specimen of Mughal architectural art. The central building has a large dome that is made of white marble stones. The remaining building is made of red sandstone. Its architectural Humayun is based on the structure of the tomb. There are also pavilions with the name of the moti palace, the jungle palace and the king's liking. There are four lakes of water, which go up to four buildings. There is the main gate in the east direction, which is situated on the Sri Aurobindo road. There are residential facilities for people in other buildings. There are only four octagonal minarets connected in the main building.

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