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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weather of New Delhi Climatic Conditions Delhi India

Weather of New Delhi India Climatic Conditions of Delhi

New Delhi is the capital city of India. New Delhi is identified a peak of 215 m. The city find warm climate in summer and the temperature during this season rises up to 45 'C. During the winter season it faces low temperature dropping as low as 5 'C. It has Himalayas to its north direction. It has extreme continental type of climate. The best time for visiting Delhi, especially for tourism purposes is the spring season, from February to April and the autumn season, from August to November. This season came with various colorful spring festivals such as Vasant Panchmi, the festivals of colors i.e. Holi.

In summers, the days are intolerable hot due to heat of the sun. The temperature during day time sometimes reaches upto high as 48 ‘C. During summer season, in the month of March, sees a reversal in the direction of wind, from the north-western direction, to the south-western. This brings the hot waves from Rajasthan. These hot waves are known as loo. The Indian capital city of New Delhi remains hot and humid during the summer months and is cold during the winters. The average temperature of New Delhi ranges from 25°C to 46°C during summer and 2’C to 5’C during winter. In summers, the heat wave in New Delhi is immense and adequate precaution has to be taken before going out in the afternoons.

The Monsoon comes at the end of June, which brings some relief from the heat to the people. The intermediate yearly rainfall is 714 mm approx. The winter season begins at the end of November and peaks in January and is infamous for its heavy fog. The range of extreme temperatures is from −0.6’C to 46.7’C. The cold wave from the Himalayan region makes the winters in New Delhi very chilly. . It is important for the farmers of the village of the union territory because the Rabi crops gets benefits by it. Weather is generally dry except for 2-3 months of humidity.

Best season to visit:

The best season to visit New Delhi is during the pleasant spring seasons of February to April and August to November. Delhi wears a festive look between February and April, the blooming season.

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